Tuesday, December 1, 2009

on the first day of christmas

Today marked the day where most of us put up our christmas trees. For us our tree is a little different due to having a 1 year old that just wants to check things out. We decided that it would be best to do a "new" tree instead of our regular big bushy tree with lights and lots of fun and crazy kiddie decorations. We have gone the very contemporary look with our sticks and plain, but beautiful decorations. I was not sure what Keely would think of a plain tree, but she was right into it and loved all of the decorations we had to put on the tree. It helped that she got to choose some of the items we bought and she enjoyed sorting them all out and placing them on the sticks....on the "new" tree. To my surprise Taj showed very little interest, so this tree may still be standing up until christmas day!

I also rushed to find her an advent calender today and found one very similar to what I had as a child. I thought it would be great for Keely to be able to get an understanding of how many days there are until christmas, which is hard to explain to an almost 4 year old. I bought her a calender that has the little doors to open, and inside each door is a beautiful image depicting christmas. The first day of christmas is an image of holly. Now to try and have her open one door a day! I know as a child I opened them all just to see what images would be on each day....I guess you could call it cheating, or is it more excitement with being in the spirit of christmas?


  1. forget how fabulous the "photographs" are......
    how gorgeous is that tree??? !!!!!

  2. What an awesome idea. Truly creative and beautiful! These pictures are fun.

  3. Ooo i love your tree!!! My friend had a tree similar to this once, with silver painted tree branch, decorated. I wanted one too, then forgot all about it... until just now.

    And these photos are so great! I love Keely's outfit too, she fits the tree colours as well. I wish your photos were somewhere I could fav my favourites or add a star or whatever means I love this one and that one. I'd be doing that a lot. Consider them all starred and faved.



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