Wednesday, December 9, 2009

christmas dress ups and the creative dad

Today is a kindy day for Keely and I received an email last night reminding me that it is wear your christmas outfit day. I only read the email this morning and my husband and I stood there wondering what she could wear. Due to having an accident yesterday I was not up for rushing to the shops and putting something together for her. Today was daddy's day to be creative.

I don't like to doubt my own husband, but when he came home with a santa sack, tinsel and a santa hat I had doubt. How was a man that is creative with a camera going to be creative with these three items and seriously what can you make in 10 minutes?

Out came the scissors and off came the bottom of the sack. In stepped Keely and with a little help (and only a little) I put the tie around one of her shoulders. Dad had bought red tinsel (that would clash with the red sack), so I grabbed some silver tinsel and wrapped it around her plait. Who would have thought he could be so clever and creative. We have been together for 7 years, but he still surprises me!

All the teachers and her little friends said she looked very cute....well done dad!


  1. what a great idea! you're onto something with that one :)

  2. Too creative! How cute, the dress turned out great!

  3. Wow!! What a fantastic and quick solution. Keely looks just gorgeous.

  4. Yes, Dad was pretty pleased with himself the other day with this creation. He was telling everyone. She does look very sweet.



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