Thursday, December 17, 2009

my space-the little pinwheel space

There is something about a person's work area, where they sit and have their creative heads go wild. I am a very calm person when it comes to working, I do love a space that reflects my mood, well the mood I like to be in when I work, therefore I like my space fresh with cool tones.

I was asked by Bec at Yummy Mummies if I would photograph my space so she could do a blog post on me and my area. She will be putting a personal touch to her post... will be more about the craziness behind my "neat" looking space. So watch her space as it is coming soon!

My husband built a plywood box to put my computer on, and primarily to make it more a workspace as our computer is in our kitchen. It also doubles as a box that hides all the cords from the computer, telephone and modem. Once the box was built I had the fun of going to my favourite paper shop, Pulp Creative Paper to fill my space with things I love.

I am obsessed with stationery, I love pretty post-it notes, compared to the loud fluro ones. It is a nice touch to a completed Little Pinwheel order to add a little note, a simple thank you, or little note that tells them which package is which.

One needs to be careful when buying stationery as it can get a little out of control; animal shaped rubber bands will make into your purchase. These I know I will never use, but don't they look cute! Plus they have been fabulous fun for my daughter, who just loves to line them all up. I could buy everything in my favourite paper shop!

I think you can tell a lot from a person's space, it is a place where you spend most of your day, it is a reflection of you as a person and a reflection on how you work. My space is still a work in progress, I need some more personal touches, something to go up the wall or hang from the roof or from the plywood window box. Any inspiration would be appreciated!


  1. love your space. Its very nice, organized and pretty on top of that! My problem is the organize part...once I clean it , it just turns around and gets dirty again!

  2. omg, love those animal shaped rubber bands! hehe. your space is simple, clean and i love it so much! you've inspired me to do something with my "space" in the new year! xx

  3. I am very jealous of your neat tidy space! maybe being in the kitchen in an exposed area helps with that. I am squirreled away in another room of the house with desk covered with letters, books, products yet to be reviewed and a whole heap of other things that need to find a home...... ever so easy to just close the door.

    maybe i too should move my computer to the kitchen?

  4. Great little space there. I love light too.

    Here's mine I blogged a few weeks ago:

    My computer is off to the left. I didn't photograph it as we have 2 big monitors - hubby is a web designer so of course we NEED 2 monitors! LOL

    I'm pleased to report that my space has remained neat and organised all this time!!

  5. Wow, it is so gorgeous!! I love your Bertoia Chair and how bright and cheery it is in there. :)

  6. of my goodness... I LOVE this space.. so much that I might just print off a picture of it for out future kitchen:) Great space!!

  7. I just may steal your plywood box idea and get my boyfriend to make something similar...I'd love to have a different dimension to my desk, all on the one plane it feels it gets more cluttered. Maybe I'm just looking for excuses though..? ;)



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