Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the sleep fairy

Have you ever been wide eyed and bushy tailed? I was last night. No idea why my eyes decided it was a great time to stay completely open until 3am in the morning.

eye see you; bright eyed and bushy tailed

I emailed another friend, also wide awake, skyped a friend in the UK, read some Steve Moneghetti, In The Long Run.... there was my problem. Oh my goodness, I could not put it down. It was not the initial issue. No idea what that was. It was the issue from about 1:30am. Not long into the book, and the fire in my belly to run has grown bigger and bigger. There is no putting it out. Love it.


Asleep by 3am, (I can only assume the time; I gave up looking at my phone for the time), and awake by 6am from the little guy, who discovered me asleep in his bed. I had all intention of having a bad night sleep with all three of us in my bed, but didn't want to wake them with my tossing and turning.

giggling {keely dressed herself, ace outfit}

I have only ever had insomnia after I lost mum. It was a hard time trying to juggle a little girl that was only 7 months old, feeding her, and surviving on no sleep, and not wanting to leave the house. Testing to say the least. This time, there is only awesome things in my life, so hoping a one off random night.

blue skies over bondi

Today Keely and I rocked Bondi. A last minute, impulse trip across the bridge. A little sad we wore our salts, as we could have backed up skating with ice-skating. It did not bother us. A chasing game on the beach, a walk, and talk, lunch, mooch about the shops, and a stop off at our local Pulp Creative Paper was the end of an ace day together.

a special trip to pulp; our favourite shop

Simple things with a tired mumma are always the best. I was surprised to not see the grumpy mum surface the whole day. Not even at bedtime routine. I put the silly pants on this morning, and did not take them off. Love the silly pants.

silly pants; busted by a lady next to us with fluff on my face

Sleep, who needs it?

How do you survive on little sleep?


  1. Another Night OwlJuly 10, 2012 at 7:57 PM

    NO idea Blease? ;)

  2. i'm hearing you in this post. who needs sleep? i need it. you certainly need it too after the last pic! hehe. thanks for bringing a smile to this tired mumma's face! x

  3. Nice to see you over our side, enjoying our local haunt, Bondi.



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