Friday, July 6, 2012

shhh... it is too quiet

What a week. This time last week I was on the Gold Coast having coffee with my best friend. This time I am working my butt off to be an ace mum next week. My little people are away until Monday, and it is rather quiet here. Some of you might think I am lucky, but the quiet is too silent for me. I love the chaos of little people, the giggles, and the cries. All the things that come with being a parent. 

I have started a new Instagram account, all about the lady. She is growing bigger this month, and I am excited to have happy socks for ladies, and soon for the little people. 

Rock your weekend, and thank you for the comments, and emails about my huge dreams. I will work hard to get them, smile big when I run, and continue to love pounding that pavement. x

{I really wanted to take the love seat home with me... it is part of the rad seating at commune cafe in burleigh. ace}.

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