Thursday, July 19, 2012

my 40 year old list; come fly with me

I have a 40 year old bucket list. The things I would like to do before I hit 40, or when I turn the big 4-0. These are all about me. Selfishly about me. There are of course things I would love to do with my little people too, and those are on another list. Disneyland might be on that one!

This list is for me, and to my surprise most of the things involve a packed suitcase and a flight over the ocean. There is something that empowers me with stepping out of my comfort zone. Trying new things, and completely removing myself from the safety of my own home, my stomping ground, and the safety of friends close by. {I am a big scaredy cat. Afraid of the dark. Of the boogie man. Shadows in the night, and the shadows I make with my own head. I am afraid of the unknown, and doing it all alone.... but not anymore}. I love the thought of sitting in a restaurant on my own, a bar drinking some amazing cocktail, and walking under the stars in some strange city.

Of course I would love to do that with someone. Hold their hand, and rock it with a heart full of love. But I am real, and the reality is, I could be alone for a long time. I sure hope not forever. Actually I know I won't be, as that is one of the things on my 40 list; I am going to marry my best friend if I am still single at 40. We made a deal. I don't want to grow old alone, and he cares about me and my little people, as I do him. The other part of the 40 list is one day returning to the US. I love it. I could move there in a heartbeat, and my best friend is living in America.... really why I am waiting until I am 40?!

Here are my most precious things;

*New York for my 40th birthday, {and before to run the New York marathon, Boston marathon, and to replay my half marathon in San Francisco}

*Vegas just for shits and giggles. {my bestie that travelled to California last year wants me to go there and get hitched to an American.... so cheesy, and maybe not me. I could marry Elvis}!

*Run the Canberra marathon to face my huge fears

*Fix a broken relationship with my sister

*Climb the harbour bridge in memory of my mum who did it for charity a few months before she passed away

*Surprise my awesome friend, Karen in the UK by jumping on a plane and turning up at her doorstep

*Visit Germany as I have German blood, and I am intrigued to know a little about the country, and what better way to do it then in the actual country 

*See my mum's friend in Italy, and eat her amazing food that mum always raved about

*Jump out of a plane to face my fears of heights {yes that is very much head on, and a little crazy}

*Run an enormous long distance, through towns, over a certain amount of time, and run for survivors of child abuse. This is something that ticks over in my head a lot. I started running because of the abuse. And now I want to give back in some way. I am not sure how I go about this.

*I would love to start writing a book {this I hope I have the confidence to do one day, and to find all of the words}

There will be things added to the list. There are things that I have not mentioned......I would love to remove myself from comfort, and do something wild. Not sure if that is packing up our whole life here, or if it is as simple as jumping out of that plane.

Do you ever feel like there is more to your life than the life you lead? I do. 

Do you have a 40 year old bucket list, or something similar..... if you do, can you please share something you would love to do.


  1. I love this post Hayley! I have not even thought about putting all of my things down. I have a lot I would love to do, and traveling with a bunch of girlfriends would be on my list. Even as simple as a weekend away on the coast.

    Thank you x

  2. do the book !! do it do it do it!!! you are very talented!

  3. This reminds me of a time in my 20's when I had such a list. I wonder what happened to it, and if I did most of the things on it already? I thought I was a pretty selfish broad, but now I realized I don't have a list at all. I think if I were to make a new one it would just be full of things I did in my 20's that I want to do again, like back to Australia. Maybe we should switch, I live 5 hours from Vegas!
    Yes, start a book, and write just for the sake of the writing alone.

  4. I want live overseas for 2-3 years. E v e r y w h e r e overseas. With my family (including two young kids... While they are still young!)
    Working on it... !
    Great post. I love reading inspiring lists.

  5. Yep, I have a 40 things to do by the time I'm 40 list (40x40). I've not got around sharing it on my blog yet.. but there is tab for it. Accountability and all. I have the list though.... and I'm 35, so I have time to post it!! Since I created it last year, I've already ticked some things off, which feels great.



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