Sunday, July 15, 2012

the mirror image

Growing up I looked nothing like my brother or my sister. Nothing like my mum. Nothing like anyone, only the person staring back at me in the mirror. I was just like me. 

Lately I have been told Keely looks like me. The older she is getting, the more she is changing. She was a lot like her dad when she was younger. Now she is like me. I see me in someone. I look like someone. I look like my daughter. She looks like me!

I cannot even begin to tell you what that feels like. It is somewhat surreal to have someone carry more than just your mannerisms. To carry your eyes, and your smile. It is awesome!

Being adopted was never an issue for me. I was loved by the most beautiful mother, and she gave me everything a child would ever hoped for, and that is a loving mother that showed me life, and how to take bad things, and turn them into good. She showed me how to take strength out of myself, and use that to survive. Mum taught me that bad things will come to those who inflict pain on others. She was a big believer in doing the best you can, turning your back when you have tried, and leaving it up to life to take care of the things you cannot do anything about. She believed in karma. 

Maybe my gift in life is to have these two beautiful children that look like me, and show them everything my mum taught me.... and a whole lot more. 

I am blessed, grateful, and so proud to have two awesome little people. Because of this, I will mirror the childhood my mum showed me.....

The simple things in life are always the best. 

Like sliding down sand mountains.

Creating new traditions within our little family. 

Waking up to sunday pancakes, and ending the day with the sunday roast.

Hanging out with new found friends in our neighbours.

Reading a book on the beach, while the little people play.

Enjoying the simple things.

I have found this is the easiest, and most rewarding way to be a single parent. 

Simplicity is confidence.

{If you knew me 6 months ago, I would not be roasting a full chook to feed just the three of us. I would not be trying to recreate what my mum had given us each sunday. I didn't even have the confidence to believe in myself enough to be half the parent she was to me. Now I accomplish this, and a whole lot more}.

I may not have looked like my mum as a child. I have found this to not be important. It is what she taught me, and now what I will teach my children that is important.

When I look in the mirror I see the reflection of my mother. I am just like her.


  1. Your mumma was a wise woman.

    Beautiful post Hayley.

    Believe in you and the rest will follow.


  2. I get told all the time that Sylas looks exactly like me, someone said he was a mini Lauren the other day. I can NOT see the resemblance at all! I don't know if it's because I'm too close to him to see it or if it's my own distorted view of myself.
    My mum used to do pancakes with maple syrup for dinner!! It was always a treat, it's the little things like that that kids remember. x

  3. I agree that simplicity in parenting is best! All the little people REALLY want is love and attention. Your children are so lucky to have a Mum as insightful as you x

  4. Yes exactly! What a wise lady your mum was! You are very lucky to have been taught and shown those things. I can see you living out her words every day hayley. I want those words for my wall to remind me for my children too! Soph xxx

  5. Lovely Hayley...have a great week x

  6. This is the most touching post Hayley, you are so great with words xx



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