Wednesday, July 18, 2012

my modelling chops

I love an ace day. You know the one where you want to slap someone a high five, or at least punch the sky with your fist. That was my day.

the way I love to smile for the camera; teeth hidden 

I went into the dentist, and had my chops filled with wax and some putty. Today I had my impressions done. I was a little excited. I still am. In about four weeks I am going to be wearing a mouth full of plastic. Apparently the first day will be uncomfortable, and after about a month I will be used to it. (Not sure how the speech will be. Maybe no phone calls for 18 months)!

The part that hurts. The part that pulls at my heart strings and has had me crying, is the way I look right now when I smile. I smiled in photos this afternoon. I had Keely take the before photos. It is heartbreaking to see my smile. I don't like it one bit. The crooked teeth. The reason why they look the way they look. All the past crap that comes right back up just by looking at these images sucks.

However, I have had an ace day. And my current smile is going to change in a matter of months, and I am not going to allow a mouthful of bones ruin my high five day. This is me. It may not be the perfect smile I want, but the person I am is still beyond those teeth. I am still me.

Please know the images below I am sharing to be brave, to face a fear head on. I know they are teeth, not breasts, and not a tummy tuck, but I feel like I am completely exposing myself in a naked state. Whoever thought that a smile could shape someone's self confidence.

I know you cannot really see my teeth; I am trying to smile for the camera

passport photo

the soon to be old me

Each month I will ask Keely to take another smiling image. This is a huge self esteem thing for me, and I really am looking forward to showing you the last image. I know I am jumping ahead....... That is when I will smile big, and you will see the person I truly am behind my HUGE Julia Roberts smile!


  1. A smile tells a lot about a person. I think your current smile still shows the person you are. I can see the cheeky Hayley.

    I look forward to seeing the changes. Great photos Keely!

    J x

  2. definitely a cheeky beautiful smile there Hayley!
    lovely pics ♥
    looking forward to seeing your confidence grow



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