Monday, July 9, 2012

get your skates on

Go on, you know you want to.... well we did, and had an ace time. 

We danced with them on.

Went backwards.

Hugged poles. Giggled with girlfriends.

And put those rock on fingers up.

My little people are home with a whole lot of spunk.

This week Keely and I are going to rock an activity a day. I made the plan last week to kick my working butt into gear, and have very minimal to do this week for her. It is our adventure week, and we kicked it off with a roll around on our skates with friends, and ended it with two asleep in my bed. Three in the bed and the little one said....

Bring on the next adventure! 

What adventures have you been having?


  1. Looks like good old fashioned fun Hayley...and so sunny in your part of the world! Our school holidays have involved some winter adventure, horse riding, marshmallow toasting, cooking and coffee stops! Happy days x

  2. I love the skates. We have been to the movies, and a lot of play dates. The weather has not been great here.

    Have a great week.

    K x

  3. Oh wow this looks like so much fun! Got me thinking I need to buy some skates! Where to get them? Judy

    1. It is fun! You can get them from Skater HQ in Manly. I bought ours in the US, but know you can get the same style in AUS too. You can also buy the old school sneaker style.



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