Friday, July 20, 2012

fun friday

If there is a day of the week I love, it is Friday. It is my day to rock it with my little guy, and it is always fun. That is where fun friday came from. We have fun. It is about stepping back from the computer side of Little and Lady Pinwheel, and being the ace mum for him.

Today we rocked it with his friend, Keenan. And along came my canon with my 50mm lens. It was time to pull out the portrait lens for a play.

I looked after two Bob the Builders for a couple of hours while one of my best friends went to get some hot hair for her hot date with her husband tonight. {Every woman needs hot hair before a date with their man}.

They dug.

They fixed it.

They fixed it some more. Actually that is what they did a lot.

They ate lunch, and snacked on some strawberries in the sun.

Mowed the lawn.

They jumped.

They crafted.

Played with Vegas, the dog. {Yes this is the friend from my California trip that wants me to get married in Vegas}.

Taj took photos of me.

Taj rocked a pic of Jules with her hot hair, myself, and Keenan picking a winner.

Rock your weekend. x


  1. These images are beautiful. I think you have another photographer on your hands.

    Have a great weekend Hayley

    J x

  2. What a super duper looking day...the perfect prelude to the weekend!
    (PS - Loving your hair at the moment lady!)



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