Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the perky smile

If you were given the opportunity, handed over the money, the time, and the chance for perfection, would you take it for the perky breasts you once had, or never had, or the flat stomach with that extra skin tucked away, less cellulite, or would you say, 'piss off, I have this body because of pregnancy, because I have two beautiful children!' 

I would be lying if I didn't say I wanted the stomach I had before little people. I would also be lying if I said I wouldn't love a set of breasts that actually fitted a "real" bra. I am opting for some cosmetic surgery of my own. A lot less invasive, and a lot less noticeable to others. I am starting my journey for the perfect smile tomorrow. 

I have no doubt the excitement is a lot less, than it is on this side of the computer. I have always wanted to smile big in photos. Show off my teeth. If you were to stand in front of me, make me laugh, and talk to me, I would show my teeth, and you would see me smile. I was once called smiley in high school. It was actually one of the teachers that started the nickname for me. I would smile a lot. It was a mask to cover the pain on the inside. I was covering up the little girl that was getting abused every two weeks. The smile was also real. I was a happy girl too. Well liked by everybody at school, and loved by my mum, my siblings, and all of my mum's friends. The self confidence went over the years, and the smile stopped showing in photos. It became the big lip smile. 

Now Keely smiles with just her lips in photos. I need to change that. 

So for me, the excitement of these teeth, of this smile I will wear, and wear so BIG, like Julia Roberts, (yes I know, I wish), is a whole lot more than just the perfection of straight teeth, less crowding; it is allowing that child inside to finally smile, and to show my little people that self esteem is a whole lot more than those perfect teeth. 

These are the only images I could find, that were candid, and friends captured of me with teeth.... before I could hide them away. You might think they are not that bad. I need about 4 teeth removed from the bottom, and ironically they are going to push my gums up to make my teeth look bigger. So that Julia Roberts smile might not be that out of reach! 

Would you buy yourself some perky breasts, or the washboard stomach? What would you buy to make yourself feel ace. Would it be as simple as the holiday on your own to be you, the new cupboard full of clothes, the perfect teeth you always wished for, or all of the above?! 


  1. last year i went to see a plastic surgeon about getting a breast reduction. i have always hated my breasts. I had to expose myself, be assessed, then I was shown an album of pre and post operation shots... It made me realise that my breasts maybe are just "normal", especially post two babies... I don't think I had ever really LOOKED at other people's boobs before, not in the same critical way i look at my own. I hadn't really ever seen anyone else's breasts in the flesh either. I got the quote but couldn't go through with it. Would it REALLY make me feel better after going through major surgery, with big intrusive scars.. I think the critical self is a lot deeper than the size of my breasts... I still think about it tho... As for a toothy smile that truly allows you to smile.. I think that is awesome! Can't wait to see the final results, so that you can smile inside and out :)

    1. jessi, I remember going with my friend in my early 20's. She was going for the "perfect" breasts. She had 10A. I had also never checked out other women's breasts. They are just boobs, and we all have them. Nothing new to look at really. Although to see her before and after was amazing. To also see the images of other women who had them done was amazing. I was surprised at how many women get it done, and the transformation made me wish for boobs. She looked amazing in a bikini, and I just shied away with my flat chest!

      I think a breast reduction is a whole other story. I also believe you are right, our bodies are not as bad as what "we" think. Too hard on ourselves as women after children. x

  2. i've always given the boob job a lot of thought, and i thought maybe post babies i would have the want even more, but quite the opposite on that subject now. funny how your mind changes.

    i cannot wait to see those pearly whites in each of your photo's soon! x

  3. I'd love to get my teeth whitened. I'm really self-conscious of them when I smile.
    It's on my list of things to get done before I'm 40.
    Good luck Hayley - I think you've got a lovely smile, and this will only make it brighter.

  4. Hayley I would love to have my teeth done. When I was in high school I had a contraption put in my mouth to widen my top jaw. The following recommended treatment was to have my jaw broken and reset and then four years of braces. As a 17 year old girl I couldn't handle that so I didn't do it. However my dream is to have my teeth look like perfect pearly whites. I've just been referred to a new orthodontist who doesn't want to break my jaw (yippee! I know a girl who had it done and she looked totally different, not sure how I'd handle that!)

    I can't wait to read about your perfect smile journey :-)



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