Sunday, July 8, 2012

ladies and gentlemen

I love learning. When someone plants thoughts in your head, and the head just ticks over and over again with meanings, questions, and the answers. It is something to have someone press those buttons in your head. Over the weekend I had my buttons pushed in my head; I learnt a lot.

Did you know that it is like going on a holiday to read a book? I discovered this amazing fact as I told a girlfriend that at 5pm on Friday afternoon I was curled up by the heater reading my book. She told me it was like I was on holiday. We had our giggles over it, and the sad thing is, it is a luxury to pick up a book. It is that moment I know I do not leave enough time for. However I am happy to say I am ploughing through the book I am reading, and I sure hope I will make more mini holidays available in my day.

Did you know that the gentleman still exists? I discovered this on saturday night. He picks a lady up at the door, he pays for her drinks, he almost pays for dinner, he opens the car door for her, and he even walks her to her door. The polite kiss on the cheek, and off the gentleman goes.

A sunday beer is not my thing. However you mix a few things with it, and beer tastes good. Add sunshine, {sydney turned it on today} make it a Sunday afternoon with an awesome girlfriend, a walk along the beach in tourist peak hour traffic, a bowl of fries, a lot of laughter, and date conversations.... Add all of these ingredients into a tall glass, and you have yourself a tasty sunday beer.

They are my two new facts, along with how to drink beer if you do not really like it.

Have you learnt anything new?


  1. Hello beautiful,
    I love this post! I have learned many things this weekend. I'm The Artist Way. I know more about myself and my artist husband after reading the first section. It's important to make time for yourself honey. I make time everyday to read. I must admit...I am a bookworm though.
    Big love
    Mrs Kypo xxx

  2. GREAT shot looking back at Manly.

    And I like the sound of that gentleman! Gorgeous! x

  3. Good evening Hayley, great post, I like the sound of the gentleman too, they are hard to find!? Sunday beer also sounds perfect, I would love to join you for a beer one sunny afternoon! Have a good week x

  4. That other book should be arriving any day now :) I love manly, it didn't turn it in for us when we were there a few weeks back. It poured and poured but I still loved it. I also live escaping into a good book :)



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