Wednesday, July 11, 2012

no rule dating

This is an email I sent to a friend about dating.

I have no idea who else to say this to, and it really is not blog worthy, but I need to say, this beginning bit of dating SUCKS*. It is meant to be the ace part. But it is the part where you think, should I text, or should I leave them? Do you wait another day, and then text? But if I wait another day, then it is the day we are "meant" to be catching up. Therefore, what would I say on that day?

There is the question of, is he seeing other people? Do I go on the site for another look around. Chat to some other guys. Or do I not, as he can see if I have been on there? Then I wonder, is he a text guy, or not? See I am not really a text girl, but texts are easy. If they ignore you, you just move on. Take it with a little sad face. And they cannot see the sad face or hear it in your voice. Because it is a text. Just words that are not answered.

So I sent a text.** Only just now. It is silly. It is me being me. You see, you would find it funny, and silly, as you know me. But someone that doesn't, might think I am random. Which you and I both know I am, but random on a whole different level.

Ok, have had my say... can move on now!

And yes, I did tell him I changed a tyre, and happy it has not fallen off all day. I also stated that it is not really text worthy, but I am excited!


Offspring is on tonight. I think we all have a little Nina in us, and this email to my friend, clearly shows I was having a Nina moment.

*I also do believe this part of dating is fun! It is the rules I don't like. I believe being me is the best rule. If they are not into you, they will soon let you know. 

**I would do anything to pick that phone up. Old school. It is the fear of rejection. So instead I press the letters, and not the numbers.


  1. Good post! I am a fan of Offspring and the old fashioned phone call. Be yourself Hayley.

  2. The rules are to be you. Because you are awesome - how can anyone not think so? x

    Hell, you can change a tyre. What's not to love?

  3. oh God, I would have no idea! But I was having this discussion with some of the single peeps at work & one of the guys actually told me tha he wouild prefer a girl/woman who just called/sent a text when she wanted & didn't follow any 'rules'. He said he broke up with a girl he was seeing because she clearly had a 'rule' thing going on - don't call until th 3rd day, text after x amount of hours etc & it drove him nuts! Just b you! Text when you want, call when you want. Enjoy the dating! xx



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