Tuesday, July 24, 2012

new kids on the block

Do you remember being little. The kid in the street. You played with everyone on your block. Bike riding, marbles, roller skating, jacks, matchbox cars in the dirt, hide and seek, you swam in each others pools, played at the park, in your own backyard, and helped feed the guinea pigs and the chooks every night. This was my childhood. (And I have no doubt very similar to your own). 

counting to ten, three times, as he cannot count to thirty

on bar, which means she is safe

Taj is it!

counting to thirty

"ready or not, here I come!"

where did they go?

backyard cricket

watching for the ball

batter up!

This afternoon Keely and Taj played in the backyard with their neighbours.

Did you play in the street with the other kids? What was your favourite game? 

Mine was elastics... do you remember elastics?!


  1. I loved elastics!!! :-)

  2. Elastics and hide and seek we're my favourites. X

  3. was trying to teach my little girl (7) elastics and jacks on the last school hols but its been too long. Barely remembered the basics. Need to learn both all over again. Essential skills to pass on

  4. Cute!

    we live in a small culdesac and have begun the awesome childhood ritual of playing in the street with the neighbours on the weekends. The kids scooter, ride pennys, draw on the road with chalk and frolic around in dress ups with toy swords and nerf guns. they love it and can stick with it for hours.
    the parents hover at the open end calling 'car!' when needed and playing referee. happy times! (even happier that its usually dad on duty and i am inside having some quiet :) )



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