Friday, June 1, 2012

the little {HUGE} fun friday

It is that time of the year for me. Crazy sale time. It is going to be a little nuts here processing and packing orders, and the things I need to do to get summer underway for Little and Lady Pinwheel. It is busy, but fun. There is a lot of great things happening for both my businesses in the next 2 months. And right now this lady needs to put her head down and bottom up. 

This weekend we are doing a photo shoot if all goes to plan today with samples arriving, and having a special camping adventure, (if all goes to plan tomorrow).

It is fun friday here today. Therefore I am launching into my sale, and having fun with my little guy..... Orders may come packed from my little guy today! I would buy from that sweet face, but of course I am very much in love with him.

What is planned for your weekend?

Rock your it!

*very badly written post... in pjs still, trying to send out newsletter, and get out the door to pack a whole heap of orders before I get my little guy. That way I can have some fun friday with that spunk of mine... I know he doesn't want to pack orders all day. So I apologise for the rushed blog post.... x

**how do you work with little people by your side? My little guy packs orders, and rocks his skateboard, or his box of matchbox cars. I run him wild beforehand, and take a lunchbox with me.  I try to be home for computer work around lunch time, and that is when he has some chill time in front of the box with his lunch at the table. Sometimes it goes pear shaped, and other fridays it can run smoothly. Do you have any tricks that work for you?

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