Monday, June 4, 2012

skaters rock

I am teaching my loves how to skate. And check them out..... 

Taj has his own style. He doesn't really want to listen, gets a little frustrated. He kind of got it yesterday, as we played in between the rain.

I love his tricks, and just the way he does skating his way. At the end of the movie, (if you make it that far), Taj says, "I can't do it." He can do it. He will do it. I have little movies of him doing a trick. He has no fear, and that is where it starts.

Keely rocks! She is skating; a true skater chick.

I am proud of both of my beautiful little people. Now we can be the family that skates together!

rock on with our bad selves!

*the movies may be a little long for a blog. I apologise for the l-o-n-g bragging session! {clearly one proud mumma}


  1. VERY cool ! love his cute noises :) I just hope she knows how to stop if need be ! such a cool mum you are :)

  2. oh they are so gorg hayley! love the videos! Keeley is looking so much older but has picked up the basics of skating well!! two lil stars you have their lovely gal xx I did like Taj's tummy surfing

  3. I think you should get Taj a surfboard!

  4. Great little vids hayley! Man I loved the very start of taj's he grabs that skateboard like a pro with his foot and with so much gutso! So hilar!! And his skating style..I love!! What a dude. He cracked me up at the end too. And go keely!! She's a chick with the moves too. x

  5. I loooove that you teach your kids how to skate. I always wanted to skate but I after stepping on a skate board once and falling down on my tailbone immediately I never dared to step on one again. Unfortunately!



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