Sunday, June 17, 2012

rain, hail or shine

We had it all, minus the hail. And we rocked it.

new craft items added to the box for the rainy day

meet ella the snake by keely

taj made a truck with pom pom sirens on top

taj and i made a little guy wearing shorts & boots 

did a bit of glamping, (camping), for the afternoon with movies & an overnight stay

ready for bed, although it was only about 3pm

sunday morning pancake session & SUNSHINE!

And here is our sunny sunday, in which we stayed outside the entire day. 

started with a scoot & a coffee pitstop

scoot around the lake to the park 

a walk in the sunshine after a lunch break 

a bit of uphill team work
the joys of the downhill run

it is all about that sun flare, & if you had a rainy saturday you would agree with me

hello sunshines!

happy mumma = happy little people

This weekend was relaxing amongst the rain, amongst the sunshine, and amongst the fact my imac of 7 years decided it was time to go. (New imac purchased, and I sit here waiting on my laptop as the time machine does its thing on the new girl..... I have everything crossed. I managed to get in one last backup, and a sweep of the desktop over to the external hard drive before she danced her last dance, with a neon coloured screen).

Our rainy day solutions: swimming lessons, cafe stop, shopping mall pitstop for new supplies to add to the craft box, movies, a bit of glamping, and a little baking filled up our day.

Our sunny day solutions: do not go home, stay out all day, and soak it up with a scooter, parks, cafe stop, a bush walk, and a play with the neighbours on skateboards.


  1. Awesome weekend! You needed that!!! x

  2. Love! So much fun, your little people have great lives!
    What app do you use for your pics, which adds captions? Thanks!

    1. thank you sam.... the app is actually not an app. It is the blogger option when loading images for a blog post. Although, there is an app called camera plus that does it on your iPhone. It is more in a hand written text though, but still cool, and fun. x



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