Wednesday, June 27, 2012

got to run....

Four sleeps until I pound that pavement, in what is going to be a very interesting race. My training has sucked a little, although in the past 3 weeks I have been getting my head back where it should be. No music in my ears, believing in myself again, and also accepting that sometimes life can throw a little at you, and test you. It is all one big test. And it is a test I am determined to pass over and over again.

If you run, you would have some understanding of what it is like for your mind, body and spirit. It does things to you that makes you feel empowered. Some of you that hate running, will be thinking that I am some crazy chick in runners, and you are right. I am a little crazy at the age of 35, with two little people, to even be having the dreams I have. But we all need dreams right? 

The past 3 weeks I have run out the door with no music in my ears. Just the sound of my feet hitting the ground, my breath, the voices in my head, (oh yes, I have a great chat to myself. Great time to tackle lives mysteries while you are in a running mediative state), and now I can hear those other morning walkers, runners and cyclist say good morning. I am not too into my own world; I am enjoying being in the one I am in. 

Friday I fly out early to chase the warmth, the sun, and to run a race. I am going to enjoy this race more than San Francisco. This one is not my midlife crisis, this is the beginning of things to come. I will put my mum right next to me, and drag her around for a run in the sun. It is what we do. We run together. It helps me a lot to feel that she is right there with me.... {crap tears}....My coach told me the Gold Coast is to be fun, and not to look at it too seriously. I hear you coach, but I also have goals to achieve for myself. I will have fun, and I will have fun beating the time you have set for me, and hopefully reaching the time I have in my head.

If you are in Queensland, come and slap me a high five, do a crazy jump in the ocean with me, and have a beer with me before lunch time..... (I might need to make my beer a shandy in honour of my mumso).

Rock on.... (I love running)!


  1. all the best for the run, Hayley!

    new ink looks awesome too x

  2. Damn lady, that new tatt is beautiful. Hope you ran like the wind!



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