Tuesday, May 29, 2012

head in the clouds

My arms are up.... and down I go.....weeeeeeee. I think I jinxed myself last night mentioning the downward spiral we face in our lives. Well it is here. Nothing I would like to share in detail. I am sucking it up the best I can, and dealing with it too. I have been for a run, even with a chest infection, I pounded that pavement. I have baked with my little people, to only have Keely tell me she didn't like the white chocolate, but of course I was saved with the leftover cookies without white chocolate in them. PHEW. There could have been more tears. So in order to put my arms up in style, and ride the dip I thought I would share some of my favourite instagram images from the past few weeks. They all have a little story, and they are all about me and the two little people I love.

a new tattoo that is all about my own belief systems
what happens at the end of a fun friday

one of our fun fridays. a day that is all about this little guy and me

the sunrise from our home
my big love, proud of my school girl in her achievements

kindy pick up is always filled with a rock on moment, if it be the rockin' fingers, or the biggest snuggle

creating the memories from my childhood to theirs

just a foot photo, from a very special weekend 

my little people, being little people

their conversations, their moments

keely can skate

the happiness

the boys noises 

having some me time on wheels
having a chat

creating her own memories

dancing in the sun

high up in the clouds 

bubble beard

Sometimes there are things we cannot control in life. If it is something I cannot control that involves my little people, I turn to mush, and lose all my natural coping mechanisms. I try to be strong, but this is my weakness. A weakness I need to work on. Because punishing myself for something I cannot control is not a fair thing to do.

What is fair, is to go mushy over that image of my little people surrounded by bubbles in the bath; on cloud nine.

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  1. New ink!

    And stop pushing! Accept the things you cannot change and be wise! x



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