Friday, June 22, 2012

turning new pages on a fun friday

And so ends another working week, and rolls over an ace fun friday with my little guy. We rocked it, as usual. No lippy for me. Too much for a day with the little guy. A coffee pitstop, a bike ride, a play date for lunch at his buddies place, a hang at home together, and the ride to school pickup. Fun friday all wrapped up and complete with our friday night chicken nuggets, and homemade chips.

pick up time; is always a big smiley moment

barefoot coffee stop

crazy buggers are always a fun friday must

somebody might have just ridden out of the shop with new wheels

school pickup; going to dink keely to the car

proud of her. keely received an award today, improved reading. LOVE!

What is on for your weekend?

We will be rugging up as the cold snap has hit sydney, and it is brrrr cold. We have swimming super early tomorrow, and I mean super early; alarm setting early. We are making a movie on my film camera for little pinwheel, and we have a birthday party on sunday. For just me, I am going to curl up with a book each night. An hour earlier to bed with brand new pages to turn.

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. thats my girl .... get those books out and dusted off and start losing yourself in a mystical magical world in your mind x big love to you my little family... love POPS x



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