Thursday, June 28, 2012

chasing the dreams

Have you ever chased a rainbow? Tried to find that pot of gold.

We did. I spotted one on the way home late this afternoon, and off we went to find where it began.

Have you ever tried to catch a rainbow, and hold it in your hand?

Keely has.

Have an ace weekend. This chick is off to run a race, to have some time with a best friend, catch up with another old friend, and let my hair down a little. No little people for me, for over a week, and I am going to feel somewhat random without my side kicks. I will however use this time to put a lot of the good habits I want back in my life. And it will all start tomorrow on the early morning flight; I will pick up, and dust off a book.

Go and catch a rainbow!


  1. Have a great week. Good luck with your race and with getting your ME back x.

  2. You don't know me, but I recognised you from the grandstand this morning, Hayley, and saw you finish. I yelled 'Run, Little Pinwheel!' as you flew by. You finished in the vicinity of 1:42 from memory - a race well run indeed!

    1. thank you jenna! That is awesome... it was so noisy. x



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