Friday, June 15, 2012

how we roll in the sydney sunshine

Fun friday rocks. Seriously it is ace. The sun was out, and we soaked it all up. All of it.

it started with this; snuggled up cuddles

we then went to the beach for some handyman work with my little guys friend,  Keenan

my little guy asking for more snuggles on our walkies on the beach

walking and talking; mum with her little guy

planting the tree, so it can grow again

this is how the morning ended, two friends lined up; look no hands

snuggled up cuddles with my girl; love her big toothed smile

and before dinner she rocks a photo shoot for little pinwheel

Have a beautiful weekend. If today is the start of what is to come in the next two days, we are going to have an ace weekend. Even if the rain decides to show its weeping face.


  1. Great photos lovely!

    I hope your weekend is super ace.

    Mine will involve ordering wallpaper, going to Ikea, eating fruit and drinking tea. xx

  2. Happy Friday Hayley...lovely bright photos as always!



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