Thursday, November 3, 2011

the grateful dance

Tomorrow I am going to dance. Tomorrow I am going to hold my mum's hand. I am going to hold it tighter than ever. Tomorrow I am going to Para Meadows school in Wollongong. Tomorrow I am going to be the most grateful I have ever been in my life. I am going to be grateful for the person I have become, and the person I know my mum hoped I would become. I am going to be grateful for giving more than an air conditioner. I am going to be grateful for the friendship I have made through the kindness of my own heart.

A random act of kindness is meant to be something you do, and expect nothing in return. You do it, and smile, knowing that you have just made someone's life awesome. You do it because you care. You do not do it to receive anything back. The letter from the Principal of the school blew me away. I never expected an email that said I was invited to a special assembly. An assembly the children are doing for me, and for other RAOK's. I never thought buying an air conditioner to help the comfort of the children would help more than the children. This helps their parents know that they will be comfortable at school. It helps them know that they know their children are learning, like every child should have the right to do. It helps them have the time they need to be a better parent for their child when they come home from school. And mostly it helps a *lady that I completely look up to, and her beautiful daughter. It also helped me.

Tomorrow I will be proud knowing that when I lost my mum 5 years ago, I took that part of her, and put it within myself. Tomorrow I will make mum prouder than she has ever been before.

I bought an air conditioner, and changed lives. That rocks.

I hold my mum's hand. I will hold it forever. {I need her more than ever right now}.

* Susan, you are an inspiration, you have made my heart dance more than you will ever know.

** the beautiful image is my girl dancing in my new dress.

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