Monday, October 31, 2011

the witch of halloween

This home is the house of frights. Tantrums, not listening, and a mumma that has crossed the boarder. This mum is the witch of the house.

This mum cried tonight. It was too hard to yell. I tried, but the tears rolled instead, and I sobbed. My poor little people, who were high on sugar and completely overtired, instantly stopped. All I felt was little arms around me and Keely saying, "oh my mumma."

It was not a tactic. It was not a ploy to get them into bed. But that is where they tip toed. And fell asleep.

Sometimes you just have to cry; there is no more energy left to yell.

There are times when you feel like you are bashing your head up against a wall with parenting, and your children have turned into little witches. And there are times when you try every trick in the book, and all you have left is the treat. I know there will come a day when that candle in the pumpkin will be blown out, and for now I just have to hope I have more tears, than witch screams.

Before my tears, we had the most amazing evening with friends, and the images are a perfect depiction of this.

Happy Halloween.

{I am actually really happy, but there is something inside of me that is taking away the "rock on" mum, and I cannot seem to get out of this hole. I think they call it loneliness. Or maybe it is just a stage of parenting we all go through; single or not single}?


  1. Sweetheart I have been married for 10 years but some days I have never felt more alone and empty. I try to fill the hole with running but more often than not I use food instead. Sad but true.
    I think part of it is parenting, which mostly do very much alone. But I don't get it either as I have so very much to be happy for.
    It's ok to cry. Mums get overtired too you know. Especially mums with as much on their plate as you, and with such loving and caring spirits. You will rock on. xoxoxox

  2. I agree with Sooze, it can be lonely just being a parent!? Sad to say but I've felt the most alone (although I am not single) since I became a mother nearly three years ago. You will Rock on again soon x

  3. peta@musingsofamartinNovember 1, 2011 at 9:59 AM

    i think part of it is all the give-give-giving mum's do. The selflessness. the constant focus on others. It takes its toll. Whenever my husband is at work log hours or doing a work trip I am forever reminded of the awe i hold for single parents. All kudos to you.

    You are doing a fabulouso job, Hayley. You only have to take a look at your kids faces to know that. You can see it in their eyes.

    Hope you get a few moments to breathe soon xx

  4. i am totally backing up and agreeing also with sooze's comment. sums it up perfectly.

    i have no doubt that this is just a little road bump. betchya next week we'll be seeing that "rock on" status again! x

  5. what could i are good in all what you do...for your little ones...and please you may cry...sometimes we all need this moments in which we may let our emotions run free...single or are not alone...there are so many people around you and love you for what you are...special yourself...a wonderful mum, a lovable woman...;)...a big hug to you, my dear friend...i´m with you there on the other site of the world...take care...cheers...i...



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