Sunday, November 13, 2011

eating that pickle

I am now eating the pickle. I am sucking it up. I am getting rid of the guilt, and eating the pickle. Taj is going to be rocking another day in care.

Thank you for your comments on this hard subject. I have thought about it all weekend, and I realise it is time to give myself more time on the businesses, and build more of a future for my little people. Taj loves kindy. And there is no denying that. He has a lot of friends, and one in particular that he cannot stop talking about, Harley. They rock their days together, and I cannot think of a better little person for my little guy to be hanging out with when he is not with me.

Taj is batman, and Harley is Spiderman.

I am Wonder Woman to Taj, and it does not matter how many days he stands by my side, I will always be that super mum to him.

*Taj managed to rock another day of sleeping on the job. Yes he is wearing a crown in the image above, which fell around his neck.

{There is still some guilt. I have not tried to get him in another day yet, but I will. I can always change my mind.... or better still I can pick him up early for those special times with the mum that does not have to drag him around}.


  1. Good on you Hayley...Taj rocks the princess crown!

  2. I know the feeling. But i realized my daughter needed that time to grow outside of me and home as well plus i needed to get back to a my business. I would come home and wait for a call to run to the day care if she dared cried over 5 min. When I got there I did not take her away but sat with her, had lunch and kissed her for her nap and it got easier than harder and then easier until it was over. She still prefers to be with me even though she totally adores school now. And that makes me feel special!



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