Monday, November 28, 2011

our magical little christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree..... oh here come the jingle bells! There is a part of me that wants to hide in a dark cupboard and cry at the thought of the Christmas season. That part of me is VERY TEENY.

That part of Hayley stood staring at the toys for half an hour, almost vomiting, and wanting to just cry. And ask every other mother strolling up the endless toy aisles, what they were going to buy their little people. That very teeny me bought nothing, and came home with my tail in between my legs. Online shopping rocks. And of course having your own online store is very convenient, and very last minute.

The massive part of Hayley loves this silly season. I love the setting up of the Christmas tree with my little people. This is something I always loved doing with my mum. It was a big thing. We always set it up on the first day in December, and took it down before New Years Eve. Mum had decorations that were from when we were little, and some really cool dodgy ones. I loved the tacky tinsel she had, and the flashing lights. I loved the wreath she hung on the door, and the santa stockings that she bought from the two dollar shop. I loved the full baked Christmas lunch, with a hint of cold seafood. I loved sitting and watching new release movies in between the eating, talking, laughing, and playing with our new toys. I loved watching the cricket with mum on boxing day. I hate cricket. But I loved that time with my mum.

The best part about Christmas is that I get to create all loves for my little people. This year will be a little different, and even though I won't have them the whole day, I will still be able to give them a touch of the Christmas my mum gave me.

Our tree is not real, and it does not have the fun tacky tinsel, or the flashing lights, but it has our things. Our little things. Decorations that the little people have chosen, and a new one is added every year. We may not be having a cooked lunch together this Christmas, but we will be having a special breakfast. We may not watch a new release movie, but we will be walking down to the beach for a morning swim.

Christmas to me is about creating memories, and giving my little people what my mum always gave me; a piece of magic.

There just won't be any magic in the toy aisles for me this Christmas. I am not returning to the mall! But we have artificial snow, and Christmas babushka dolls.


  1. I went to the toy shop the other day, and like you came away with nothing after spending 20 minutes wandering around looking like a moron. I picked a few things up and put them down again!
    This will be our first christmas in the 7 years we have lived in Australia that we have stayed at 'home', other years have been spent in the UK or anywhere apart from our home here. Now JP is nearly 3 and catching onto the whole Christmas magic we want to make our own memories - and thinking or everyone else in the freezing cold!

  2. I have no idea what to buy my little people either!! {love that tree by the way, so cool!} xx

  3. Love your tree Hayley and totally hearing you on the mall is the way to go, the big shops with the stressed out Christmas crowds also make me want to run and hide x

  4. love your sweet tree and your christmas babushkas!

    I'm also done with Warringah Mall.... I've even changed my gym membership. I haven't been using it - and I realised - a lot of is because of my annoyance at having to go to the Mall.. I can't deal with any more carparks, boom gates or escalators.

    Enjoy your Christmas with your little folk



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