Thursday, November 17, 2011

the grape

me: "Taj, can you come here. Quickly, the lady is waiting, and we need to pay for your pear."

taj: "hang on mum!"

I can see him. Clearly see what he is doing. His little hand reaching up as far as he can stretch it, and standing big on those saltwater sandal toes.

me: "Taj, did you just eat that grape?!!".....

Do I really need to answer the question for you. Nice one.

I have done that too. I still do. I used to love the fruit and vegetable markets as a little person, even as a big person. All that free sampling. If the Growers did free sampling Taj would never leave.

I love summer. I love my little people, and the spunk Taj has.


  1. thats what the grapes are for baby!

    need to order some salties, gotta do it!




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