Thursday, November 24, 2011

covering up the dating scene

Strike a pose, there is nothing to it. There is nothing to it when you wear a top as a dress. Ok, so that might be a bit cruel, but come on. Can you call it fashion to wear a dress that tucks just under your bootie? Maybe I am getting too old. Or maybe fashion is for losers. I would personally not call that fashion. And maybe I will cop some slack on this post. But I know the slack will only be from the 20 somethings that have those hot little bodies wearing those tight tops.

I was out on the town last weekend with a girlfriend. When I say out, I mean a couple of wines, a yummy dinner, some perving, and a little boogie on the dance floor. If we make it beyond midnight it is a miracle, and this time we did. Home in bed at 1:30am, and proud. I was the driver, so no hangover. Just tiredness.

Thinking about the whole dating scene and looking around at my competition I was very much overdressed. I obviously needed to have my pins out, and to be showing a bit more of my bootie. I didn't pick up. But I must say, I am more into spending time with my awesome friends, rather than picking up. That knight will come in time. For now I can play Carrie and write a whole book on dating, or not dating!

I sure hope the fashion changes before my daughter reaches her teens. I have a fear that it will get a whole lot worse. No Bratts dolls in this house. We have Barbie dolls with longer dresses, and if they are short, than Barbie rocks tights underneath.

Looks like madonna is coming back into fashion. I wonder when we will start rocking pointy bras as tops? At least Keely's Barbie dolls have the boobs for those bras.


  1. you mean pointy bra's as tops isn't in? shit...

    haha. i don't go out these days. at all. even to dinner {sob sob}. but we do wander around surfers on the rare occassion and see this whole 'tops as dresses' argument you propose. i have to say, i don't dig it. i don't like the look. hot pants on the other hand...

    i am freakin out about when to start my eldest girl at school. school is scaring the crap out of me. i cannot even imagine the feelings i'm going to have when my 2 girls approach this stage of their lives. i'm hoping flares come back in big time!

    and yes, you most definately are getting too old ;)


    ps {for the second time, just another little gentle reminder} ~ i so bags that top of yours when you're done!

  2. A top is to dress what leggings are to pants. WRONG!

    Oh, and I read a story about the perfect man for you the other day!

  3. Hello.Could you please tell me what colour the sandals are above in the picture please. Navy or black? I have the them but like the look of the ones above. I wear skinny dark blue jeans all the time and think the navy might be cute with them. Thanks. Any thoughts...

  4. they are black salts! And I wear the black a lot....great for the "dressy" sandal when you are not that into heels. The navy will also look fantastic with skinny blue jeans, and the navy is rather dark, so quite dressy themselves... x

  5. Thank you! I will purchase the black i think.x

  6. hehehe, no Brats dolls allowed in this house either! The tops as dresses thing, well, I reckon if you have a good body & you're young(& not drinking. THAT could get messy!), more power to ya sister! It's when peeps that should know better with bodies that perhaps look hotter with a dress that sits under the knee, well, you know, not so good!

  7. Would love to know the designer of your top. It looks very funky and i would love to see what else they make.
    Up to you of course.

  8. I think about girl fashion for my daughter, too. Some of the stuff out there is crazy! Short short, low-cut, blah blah blah. Where are the rocking-out clothes?

  9. Love the outfit in the photo Hayley...I agree with all your thoughts on fashion! Happy Friday x

  10. Just last week I tried on what I thought was a top only to be told buy the girl in the shop that it was actually a dress.
    "Oh really" I said,
    "but it doesn't even cover my bum??"
    "Hmmm" she said, "then maybe its not for you!"

    All I could think was damn straight its not for me, covering my butt in public is kind of important don't you think!!

    I think you look fantatsic and I would much rather your outfit than a tea towel sized dress.

  11. Hi Sharon, of course I will share! It is Camilla and Marc. I have the dress in black too. Amazing. Two pieces I know I will have forever. They are just new this season, so you might be lucky to find one! x

  12. thanks. Should have guessed. Camilla is a very stylish lady from what i've seen in pics. Just checked out their collection and boy there are loads of gorgeous pieces.



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