Thursday, November 10, 2011

the working mother has a pickle

It is all good here. Business is nuts. I am not really having time for anything else. I run, I run my business, and I run after my little people. These legs are going to be a set of machines. Well that is the plan.

I am in a pickle. Do I put my son in another day of care. Will that bring on more guilt? I am entitled to work, and for my business to support my little people. But why does it make me feel like I am letting him down. That time with him is amazing.

I could pick him up early, or drop him off late on the days that are not as busy.

He might just do what he did yesterday, and sleep in the car, sleep on me, sleep on the warehouse floor, sleep with school pickup, and then wake for an afternoon beach swim. That was a lucky day.

Taj rocked Vogue Australia for Little Pinwheel. Strike a pose little guy. They are part of the little pinwheel world. I love that.

I don't love the guilt of another day in care. He does love it. He loves his little friends, and the teachers. And the change in him is amazing since I put him in care at the beginning of the year. I love my little side kick. It does not mean I love him less....

The pickle of a working mother.


  1. I'd wait. Let him see what life is about and how hard his mum works, it's only a couple of years before he'll be going off to school and you'll have 5 (or 6) days with out him and you'll long for the days of him resting on your shoulder.

    Then you can work your butt of and do everything you want to do. For now just enjoy.


  2. I'm so happy to hear how well your business is doing and your boy looks FAB in the Vogue shoot.

    Now, don't feel guilty - that serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. If he loves it, why do you feel guilty? At the end of the day, our job is to raise resillient, happy kids who are enjoying themselves. Being with other children and adults is a part of that. It's not like you are shipping him off for a week at a time.

    I don't agree that you need to put your life on hold 'until they go to school' or juggle and juggle and juggle the impossible just to have him at home with you an extra day 'because he'll be off at school soon'. When they are at school, you'll be busier than ever, believe me!!

    There is a mentality out there that children are only children until they go to school. That's just not true. You'll have your little man to bond with for years and years and years. The key is to achieve your happy balance every single year of his life, not just 'tomorrow'.

    I could go on about this topic forever, Hayley.


  3. Whatever feels right for you and your family. You could always put him in an extra day and if it doesn't work out, take him out.
    If he's at daycare you know he is well cared for and happy and you can concentrate on your work. When your together you can concentrate on him.

  4. Tough one Hayley, good luck with the decision, love your photos as always x

  5. Hi Hayley, so pleased that you are busy and work is going well. Why do we do it to ourselves... the g word! You have to work to support your family and if you are busy enough to need another day of childcare then so be it. Kids love day care, honestly it is a good thing for them to be around other kids and take part in group play and activities. Some times I find when I have more work then childfree hours the kids are plonked in front of the TV, so much better to have another daycare day and then you can be a focused and happy mummy when they are home! :)

  6. Its amazing how much they progress when they are mixing with other children and adults, I felt guilty putting JP in daycare (3 days), but having no family or friends with children, he would be spending all his days just with me. That's lovely is some ways, but at his age (nearly 3) I see how much more social he is compared to people I know who's children aren't in daycare. I feel this will help him when he does go to school!
    At the end of the day its what you feels best for your little man - if he loves it, why not? And you can concentrate on your fab business when he's having fun x

  7. Maxabella, I loved your comment about the school of thought that 'Children are only children until they go to school'! So much these days puts pressure on mums to be a SAHM and ONLY a SAHM, and to spend every minute making the most of their childhood because they'll be at school before you know it....but We'll still have time with our little people then.

  8. I understand your pickle! While my girls don't go to daycare, they are cared for by my husbnad & my parents when I work. I guess being that you work from home maybe think would he be more stimulated if he was in care than dagging around with you all day. While you may feel guilty putting him in care for an extra day he may love it. Ask him! xx



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