Thursday, December 16, 2010

walkin' the dog

I find dogs hilarious. I think it is because my mum used to sing songs to her dog. They were made up songs just for him. Sootie was his name, and he pretty much lived in my mum's bed, and was her little side kick. He was the ugliest dog you had ever seen, but the sweetest dog. He had nice eyes, and loved mum to bits.

Taj is a lover of dogs. He gets a little obsessed, and gives them big squeezy cuddles. Picture a "footy head" giving his mate a big headlock, well that is Taj, and any unsuspecting dog. We are lucky to have a few local dogs that adore Taj and love to have one of his awesome cuddles.

Today we took Taj's dog for a walk to meet the locals. I sung Sootie songs, as Taj flicked his dog into the ocean for a swim.


  1. Hayley, Taj is so freakin cute! Look at him introducing his canine friend to the real McCoy. Cutie!!

    Oscar has that same pull-along puppy by the way. It's currently living in our garage as the little yip yip sound scared the poor cat.

  2. I am unsure that Taj's dog and the real thing are going to get along. The real thing doesn't seem to be of the whole pack mentality thing. Too cute by half.



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