Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the local santa party

We had a great weekend with our yearly Santa party for the little people. The same dad has played Santa for two years in a row and he cracks me up each year. Last year I was paid out by the fact I had not put gift tags on my parcels, and had used brown paper instead of christmas wrapping. This year I escaped the fact I did exactly the same thing. He spoke with an accent, obviously trying to avoid being spotted by his own son, who asked Santa, if he wanted any alcohol as he left! Next year Santa is coming from Fiji.

Both my children were scared of Santa, and Keely made a point of telling me that Santa had grey hair sticking out from his white hair. Is this the last year of Keely believing in Santa? Oh how sad. I still believe in him, and have managed to buy at least one item for me from Santa!

1 comment:

  1. Fab fun! Is there a child alive who is not terrified of Santa!? What's that all about? I can't imagine how anyone ever thought that a big fat man in a red suit covered in hair was a good idea... x



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