Monday, December 20, 2010

keely's 5th birthday party preparations

With all of the preparation for christmas I am also busy preparing Keely's 5th birthday party. This year I felt very disoganised until I went to Pulp and did some shopping with the owner, Sabina. I knew I wanted to do a tea party for Keely and after talking to Fairy Skye, from Keely's last birthday, I got all excited to do a Mad Hatters Tea Party.

The invitations are tea party inspired, with floral, and Keely's favourite colours, purple and pink. I bought bunting, fans, and some pink paper doilies to hang from the trees. Keely and I are going to make the invitations and they will be in the shape of top hats, finished with a ribbon and a feather. (Do not ask me how I will find the time to do this with her this week)! I hope to also finish table decorations, and the party bags with some of Sarah's awesome party printable tags from her beautiful shop, Style Me Gorgeous.

The cake this year will be all individual cupcakes stacked up on a cupcake tower, unless of course I get all creative in the kitchen and whip up a secret cake, or completely cheat and order one! Right now that is what I feel like doing. Either way I am sure it will be a beautiful party full of laughter.


  1. oh, the colours and the patterns are looking so pretty already! Good luck with all the preparations!

  2. I love the look of all that beautiful paper & ribbon Hayley! Just makes you want to get creative. Have fun :)

  3. I just bought a wonderful copy of Alice and Wonderland from Anthropologie. It has an embossed cloth cover with pink flamingo croquet sticks. I am totally in the mood for a tea party.

  4. Its definitely all about cupcakes and tea parties this year. Have fun making

  5. ohhh I love popping into pulp. Such a lovely store and I love what you picked up

    happy new year:)



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