Thursday, December 2, 2010

our christmas preparations

It is officially christmas in our little home. The wreath is complete and hanging on our door. The tree is up and decorated. The advent calendars have had the first two doors popped open and chocolate consumed before breakfast. The shopping is almost done, only the stocking fillers to go.

There is magic being created, and I have two very excited little people. Although Taj has no idea what is going on, he still jumps for joy with his sister.


  1. We did ours yesterday. The tinsel fairy went beserk in our back room! I loved seeing the girls so excited about all the decorations. x

  2. love love love the wreath! and the smiles! you're the best mum Hayley! :)

  3. That wreath is the coolest thing. EVER. xx

  4. Love it, thanks for the inspiration I may do the same with Charley. In fact we just got our back room concreted an hour ago, I think I may go out and have Charley leave her gorgeous 1 year old hand prints in that as well hee hee. Merry Christmas :)



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