Tuesday, December 7, 2010

growing up

I am starting to have mum freak out. I never thought I would be the mum to freak out. She is only going to school. It is not like she is leaving home at the age of 5, she is going to school.

Keely is getting so big. I mean everyday something changes about her. It is to the point I am freaking out. She is looking long. The face is becoming longer, and all the limbs are stretching. She says things that are too old for her. Well I believe they are, but maybe I am behind the development times of little people.

I received her pre school report for the end of the year. She gets a little report written by her teacher outlining her abilities and her as a person. I cried when I read the first line. I was bawling by the end of it. Seriously I am going to be that mum at the gate on her first day of school crying like a baby. I never thought that would be me. I always imagined me sucking it up to show her that it will be ok, but nope I will cry. I have no doubt. I will have to warn her like I did when she put her uniform on for the first time.

Happy tears. Yes they are happy tears.

Who am I kidding. She is growing up everyday and there is no stopping her. It is exciting, but please slow down!

To freak me out even more, I received a newsletter from her school last night. There are 8 weeks until she starts. She is graduating preschool this thursday. I think that is enough to bring a mother to freakiness.

I am crying now after loading the images I took today. Keely is beautiful, and almost 5 years on I still pinch myself. I am one lucky woman to have such a gorgeous girl.


  1. Five years old was definitely the freak out point for me. Too tall and too skinny. Bring back the puppy fat please. Just thinking about him starting school makes me want to cry. Aaaaanyway, you`re right. Keely is beautiful. I`m not kidding when I say she is the cutest little girl. Ever. Here`s to new and exciting adventures. (clink!) x

  2. oh, she is a gorgeous girl. i can't imagine my little girl going off to school!

  3. I still have a year to go before my girl starts school but i'm already starting to freak out . It terrifies me! I will be crying like a baby too when the day comes.
    Good luck!

  4. oh my. my little four month old will be 5 one day...hard to believe.



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