Wednesday, December 29, 2010

our christmas

The man has been and gone, but I still feel like I am in the thick of the christmas spirit. Well maybe not as tolerable as what I was a few days ago, but I am still feeling silly. The little people are overtired, are all out of whack, and I have loved a glass of wine each night more than I have any other week.

In saying all of this, christmas rocked. A day of eating way too much, drinking during the day, a few beach swims, and watching little people giggle and smile was worth the chaos leading up to this day.

Santa came. He was an aussie santa!

Santa asked, "is there a Taj here? If so put your hands up!" Taj was here!

Little people played.

Food was served.


And nothing else mattered; four cousins together for christmas day.

I hope you all had a beautiful christmas with your families.


  1. hey hey, welcome back online! i have been luking around, waiting for all my fave blog mums to resume blogging!

    looks like you have a had alovely relaxingtime. and lots of healthy food too! nice to not have a food-hangover, isn't it?

    enjoy this gorgeous weather,

    xx tali

  2. The little ones certainly make Christmas. The excitement on my nephew's face when he realised Santa had been and eaten all the sausage, carrot and milk left for him and his reindeer was priceless.

  3. Beautiful pics - looks like you had a wonderful day!!

  4. Look at all those prawns!!! That yummy salad!! What a good feast you had. Mini Masterchef looks very smart in his shirt too. xxx

  5. lucky children...
    They look really happy. I guess you too are having a good time seeing them playing!



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