Sunday, December 19, 2010

jingle all the way

Last week we were singing jingle bells at Keely's preschool carols. It was fun to watch Keely and all her friends singing and dancing to the songs they have been practicing for the last few weeks. There was even a DJ. Mind you at the beginning he was not looking very enthusiastic. But when there was the lead up to Santa arriving and the little people singing he was great, and entertained everyone.

All I want for christmas is my two front teeth!

A busy week ahead! I cannot believe that I wrapped all of the presents today, (including one for me), cleaned my home, had a walk, packed orders, and also managed to get some groceries done.

I am ready. I think. I hope!


  1. Preschool parties...very sweet. I love Keely chomping away on that hot dog. Merry Christmas! Hope it all goes swimmingly and you bought yourself something super fly. xx

  2. You're a star. I think having Christmas at the end of the week is pure genius. We were ready last weekend and I've wrapped everything this weekend and even much of the treats for the table have been bought. We'll just need the cold items later in the week and the ice on the day. It was quite nice to have the weekend just gone to tidy things up, weed the garden, brush cobwebs away from the veranda and spruce up the house. I even cut flowers to bring inside, something I haven't had a chance to do for ages.



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