Thursday, February 11, 2010

little eats

Everyday a part of our routine is to go to our café and for mum to get her daily intake of coffee. It is something I just have to do. Taj gives high fives all around and when Keely is not being shy she throws a few around too. I however need to get my coffee takeaway now as Taj is at the age where he just wants to go. He wants to explore all that is around him and a toddle down the beach is his thing he likes to do once I have my coffee in my hands. I do however like to have something to eat there at least once a week, if it be breakfast or lunch. I find it to be a great café for mother’s with their children. It has friendly staff, the food is great and it arrives quickly, and with having little ones you are always on some type of schedule.

At the beginning of the month I received an email from a lovely lady from Little Eats, Jemma, who is the founder of this fabulous website. It is based around the food capital of Australia, (sorry Sydney), Melbourne and it is all about friendly cafes and restaurants to take your little people to. Jemma has a love affair of food being with a husband that has been in hospitality for over 15 years, working among some of Melbourne's best restaurants and cafes. Their home away from home is cafes and their daugher, India loves going along with mum and sampling all the yummy food. Their weekends and some sneaky weekdays are filled with cafe hopping to find the suitable cafes and restaurants for your little people.

jemma & india out cafe hopping!

The reviews are fabulous and includes not only if the food is kid friendly, but also if there are highchairs, pram access or entertainment for the kids (eg: crayons). I really love what Jemma has created, her site is full of great information and would help so many mums in Melbourne to find suitable cafes to take their little people to.

I have done a review for Jemma and for all the mums in Sydney who get over to the Northern Beaches.

We love our bacino bar! The food is great, the beach is only across the road and if you are a park person there is also a park for the little ones to play at.

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  1. This is great! I need my daily cup of coffee (ok, 3) My friends and I have all thought of opening up a coffee shop where moms can go, while also having a play room of sorts for the kids. That is actually what inspired the name of my blog! I love this idea!




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