Friday, February 12, 2010

new arrivals at little pinwheel!

It has been a busy 12 hours at little pinwheel with the arrival of the new chalk n cheese range for winter and also the super soft monte & tex. When the little ones went to bed last night I was able to shoot the flat lays and then when they were up this morning we got into shooting the fashion shots for the website.

This is the part that I love! Keely gets right into it, trying everything on and striking some poses! It was nice to have Taj involved this season. He loved standing near the wall and modeling for me. He copies Keely's moves and has a ball with it. I know I have a new little model on my hands!

The next two weeks are going to be busy for this little pinwheel family with lots of new arrivals coming and landing on our doorstep. Lots of fun and laughter to be had as we get knee deep in new lovely winter clothes!


  1. oh my goodness!! completely, utterly, absolutely in love with the ploughman's blouse and patricia pant!! xx

  2. Wow, I need to order some of those New Chalk & Cheese outfits! So cute!

  3. Love that black/red/green dress! So Gorgeous x

  4. Gorgeous clothes - and Beautiful kids!!



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