Thursday, February 4, 2010

style me gorgeous

When I first looked into starting an online store for children's clothes I knew I wanted a "beautiful" website, one that would appeal to mothers that were shopping for their little people. Being a graphic designer myself I knew I would be quite choosey with who I used to have design my site and logo. I never knew that I would find not only a great designer, but a lovely friend.

Sarah from Style Me Gorgeous has just launched her new website, which is her own boutique website showing off her completed design projects, her amazing and beautiful canvas art and her soon to arrive stationery... which as you would know being a lover of stationery I am itching to have a look at it!

Being a mother of two gorgeous boys, Sarah has her hands full, but she still manages to put together people's dreams and she does it so effortlessly. I have her working on a new logo and a new website design for me. I loved her first design, but after my trouble with my old website company I have decided I need to start fresh and have the support needed in running an online store. I am very excited to be working with Sarah again and I know her design will be just as amazing as her first! Plus it is kind of an excuse to watch her make my dream become bigger and brighter then it already is.

Sarah's support and encouragement with Little Pinwheel has been beyond what I ever would have expected. Her boys are dressed from head to toe in Little Pinwheel and I always get a huge smile when an order comes through from her. I guess you really do not believe you can make a friend with someone you have never met and you have only ever had email conversations with. Style Me Gorgeous is a site that reflects Sarah as a person, it really is beautiful. She also has a blog which she shares her designs and also her family life. It too is gorgeous!

Thank you Sarah for your support and I look forward to sharing your lovely design for the Little Pinwheel makeover!

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