Monday, February 22, 2010

no time to cook

Yesterday I was really thinking about my people watching column for wednesday, actually I have been thinking about it a lot. It is interesting how you can get something to become an even bigger part of your life, especially when I need to write about it for the next 3 weeks as promised!
I was out taking images to go with the direction I am heading in for this week and while I was thinking about this I thought I would make something yummy for dinner. Something that is quick and easy, something the little ones will also eat and a meal that you can eat the next day with left overs. I am sure there are some of you that are like me and enjoy cooking but it needs to be something that does not take hours, unless of course you can leave it and walk away. Life is too busy and there is too much fun to have outside of the kitchen.

I am a bit of a cous cous fan and usually it is made with roasted veges, some tomatoes, cucumber, mint, and a lemon yoghurt, but tonight I opted for a similar recipe to Donna Hay's from her No Time To Cook book. (Loving the title as it is very much me)! She has a recipe in there that is a very fresh cous cous, with avocado, mint, lemon and pine nuts. I added a few extras to make it a bit more interesting and a bit more of a meal for myself and the little ones. I poached some chicken, toasted some sesame seads, added some fresh rocket and cucumber. I love the freshness of herbs and the lemon makes it a real summer style cous cous salad. It took no time at all and it tasted yummy!

For the little ones I actually left out the rocket, pinenuts, lemon and mint. Although I know Taj would have eaten it with all the ingredients, Keely would not have! It is nice to share a meal that is easy, especially on a night where you do not have the time to be too creative and to be slaving over a hot stove!

I look forward to sharing my people watching with you on wednesday. This post will make a bit more sense, instead of it being a shared meal idea!

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