Monday, February 1, 2010

my ideas

The last two weeks I have been doing a blog course, not just any blog course, a course run by two very inspirational women; Holly from Decor8 and Leslie from A Creative Mint. I am amazed at only 2 weeks into the course how much I have changed in my thoughts with the direction of my blog, the inspiration to write more and the urge I have to open up more with my writing. I cannot wait to see where this does take me, I still have 5 weeks to go!

Last week as you would know Taj had his first creative moment at Pulp and this is the day I was out buying an ideas book, a book that I can write in, draw in and stick things in. It is going to be my creative journal, a place to put all what is churning in my heart and my head.

The ideas book is lovely, it comes with different paper, white, natural, black and 2 pages of comic paper.... this is the part that made me have to have it! I don't read comics, I never have, but it made it different and made it my ideas book. I bought all nice pens to use, white for the black pages, silver, red, blue and black.... I know that is a lot of pens; I have a lot of ideas!

I love being a student and putting assignments together each week. Yes it is a bit chaotic with two little ones to look after and a business to run, but that is life, it is chaotic and busy. As long as I am doing things I love and enjoy then it doesn't feel so chaotic, plus I do thrive on a few hurdles!


  1. any excuse to buy stationery! love it! you inspire me so much hayley. thank you xx

  2. gorgeous pics and love the ideas book.
    goodluck with the balncing act and enjoy!

  3. Best of luck on this journey. I am excited to be a part of it through reading your blog...

  4. Sounds great!
    I love the ideas book. I have been trying to write more in paper journals lately too, and your stationery is neat!



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