Monday, February 15, 2010

keely's mood board

I felt the love this weekend with my two beautiful children giving me a wonderful valentines weekend. Keely surprised me with a lovely valentines day card she made at school during the week and then yesterday we finished Keely's mood board we started last weekend. We didn't finish it last weekend as Keely got in a mood!

Last weekend Keely picked out all the elements she wanted to use for her mood board. We sifted through magazines and she found a few favourite things. She is such a girly girl and chose sparkle shoes, a hand bag and lip gloss. Yesterday we put all of the elements together and she created a mood board that reflects her as a person at the age of 4. The things she loves, the things that inspire her and make her happy.

A mood board is something we should all do, no matter what age. We should all be inspired and have something to reflect back on. Something to also inspire us to take that big step forward and continue to breathe.


  1. that is just adorable. my goodness, she is growing into a real little girl isn't she. i love the doll in bed, where did that come from?! xx

  2. i love the mood board! so girly :) x

  3. such an inspiration... thanks for sharing!

  4. This is so precious. Very fun project and it brings out so much creativity!!!



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