Monday, February 8, 2010

rainy day games

Our weekend was full of wet weather and my easy parenting was not so easy. We did however manage to dodge some of the rain and get in some beach play. However on sunday it decided to rain on us when we were at the beach. We rushed off home.

I then had two little people that needed to be entertained inside our 2 bedroom apartment. Out came 3 balloons and an hour of fun and laughter. At first I had no idea what to do, I was exhausted from the day and could not bring myself to pull out the craft, and trust me with a 16 month old, it can get messy and more work for mum! Remember I was looking for some easy parenting!

I was able to actually sit back with the camera and take photos of Keely and Taj as they played so well together. Who would have thought 3 balloons would bring them and me so much entertainment. The giggles were infectious and all the three of us did was laugh!

The funniest game was when I asked Taj to sit down near the wall so mumma could take a photo of Keely and him together. Well this started something with Taj, the cheeky side came out. He walked around the whole kitchen sitting whenever and where ever he felt. He tried to cross his legs like Keely does. I am not sure if you are getting the whole cheekiness of the game, but trust me it was very funny! I did manage to capture at least one nice photo of them two together, but I am also loving the ones of them not posing for the camera.

I know with winter approaching I will need to come up with some more indoor play ideas. If you have any, please share!

The sun is shining today, so we are in for a great day at the beach!


  1. Those are the best days...

    Oh posted that recipe {the website did not have it}...

  2. oh my goodness!! just when i thought taj couldn't get anymore spunkier, he did! great post, loved it xx

  3. Hayley, here is a blog that I think you will like. An American living in a small hilltown in Italy with small children. She has the most ingenious ways of including her small children in every day, ordinary activities.
    You wrote the magic words, noone will comment, that got my attention.
    Warm Regards,

  4. hej...your pictures are so cute...;) here in germany there is often terrible rainy weather...and i sing and dance a lot with our little one at home...and sometimes we do a sort of "treasure hunt" ... I hide things and she must to search she feels like a little pirat (her favourite movies are at the moment "pippi langstocking"...;)...)...we have much fun...and time goes a great week with your sweeties...and see you in class...;)...cheers ines

  5. Saw your comment in response to the BYW post on Surveys and Comments and thought I would pop over. I don't have kids, but I recall being one once... used to love building tents with sheets, couches, and chairs. We'd pretend to camp out- with themed snacks (trail mix) and whatnot.

  6. I also poppped over from BYW. I love how all the students are supporting each other. :-)

    My favorite memories from my childhood are when my mother played piano, and I choreographed dances to them. You may not play an instrument...but any music will do the trick. It must have made a founding impression on me, because now I have a dance party as I brush my teeth at night. It definitely entertains my husband.

  7. I don't have any little ones but I thought I would check out your blog after reading your comments from BYW and I'm so glad I did! Your kiddos are adorable! I love the bright, friendly atmosphere you have created on your blog!



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