Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the little kidz closet

Being the full beach bum and shaping my children into being beach bums, I needed to find a bag that was cute and fun to take to the beach, and one that would fit all of our beach accessories. So when The Little Kidz Closet joined the Little Pinwheel blog and told me all about her exclusive Australian label, Jacob & Bonomi I had to have have it. Well I couldn't buy all of the Jacob & Bonomi range, but I did manage to buy the new beach bag and a lovely sheet set for Taj's bed.

The bag is perfect, a great size, not too big and not too small. The inside of the bag features an open pocket on the inside to put all your keys, money and phone in to minimise the sand invasion and them getting lost, (although for me it never matters as everything is always covered in sand and I can never find my keys). Today will be the first day we use our new beach bag down the beach!

I thought it was time to shop for some lovely sheets and blankets for Taj's cot; sets that were not too baby like and more about the little boy. (Not that I had baby inspired sheet sets, mine are all plain block colours). The sheet set that I chose from The Little Kidz Closet are from the same designer, Jacob & Bonomi. The set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and a pillow case to fit one of those cute "first" pillows. There is also a blanket in the same design, which I have on back order to arrive next month. I am loving the red apples with the grey details. The cotton knitted blanket is divine with all the apples knitted in grey to contrast with the sheet set, and then on the reverse they are white with a grey background. Oh, and to make them even better, the sheets are super soft and I have not even washed them yet!

Ok, so why buy cot sheets when Taj is coming up to the age where he goes into a big bed? I was going to put him in a big bed when he was 2, but he is so tiny and I think he will be totally lost amongst all the big sheets and blankets! I put Keely in a big bed when she was 2 due to her being a really bad sleeper, and to my surprise, or luck she was sleeping through the night for the first time in 2 years! Taj is like his sister and a wakeful child, but honestly he is tiny and as we have the cot that turns into a junior bed I am going to take advantage of it and put our new sheets to good use. I will take some images next month with the sheet set and the new blanket when it arrives.

Hopefully by then I have built up the courage to put the little ones in the same bedroom! (I know I am a chicken, Taj still sleeps in the same room as me)!


  1. absolutely loving that bag AND the grey blankey, looks nice and snuggy for winter =)

  2. Glad you found your new beach bag at last! It's a really nice one :)

  3. Those shhers and the bag are gorgeous!

    Your story about Keely finally getting to sleep through is really inspiring. I'm hoping the same will work for my two year old who's been an atrocious sleeper all his life. Fingers crossed!



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