Wednesday, October 7, 2009

this time last year...

It is a year ago today that I was on my last day of being pregnant with my son, Taj. I was booked in to be induced at 8pm on this day.

Knowing when you are going to have your baby is a beautiful and wonderful experience. I had my whole day planned around the fact it was my last day of having him growing inside me, my last day with just having one child dependent on me, and this was the day I would make all about my daughter, Keely.

I was being induced due to having a uncomfortable birth with my daughter. They felt that I may not have been able to have a big baby naturally so they monitored the size of my baby as we got closer to the due date. I had an ultrasound at 36 weeks to estimate his weight. At that stage it was 6 pounds 11 ounces, so they knew I would be induced around week 38. It is a different feeling knowing you are going to have your baby on a specific day. We didn't tell anyone we were going in that night, and we also didn't tell anyone we knew we were having a boy.

We decided to find out the sex of our baby at 20 weeks as Keely really wanted a girl and we thought if we found out what the sex was then we could talk her into having a brother for 20 weeks!

The day was really lovely, we went for breakfast, played at the park and then late in the afternoon we went to the beach and paddled in the water.

I was induced at around 9pm on the 7th and I woke up on the 8th at 4am........


  1. Happy Birthday to Taj for tommorrow xx

  2. Beautiful memories of what sounds like a perfect day! Thanks for sharing, and a very happy birthday to your little man.

    x Amanda

  3. How lovely! Happy Birthday to your little boy for tomorrow. xo

  4. Oh, I can't wait to hear the rest...sounds a great deal like my bebito's birth already! Happy Birthday little Taj! xo

  5. Happy Birthday Taj!!

    You made a beautiful pregnant mum.

    I love reading birth stories. Mine were *exciting* given that I gave birth in Japan and couldn't understand one word the doctor was saying the first time round, then only slightly more the second time.

  6. How fantastic is that belly! Such a lovely time, and boy I bet the year has flown!



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