Friday, October 16, 2009

get the look-suri cruise in POLKA!

I am really not one for watching what celebrity children are wearing and putting the same outfits on my daughter or son, but when I heard about Suri Cruise wearing one of the lovely Polka dresses, I must admit I was a bit star struck. It was even better when I saw the photos and it was one of the dresses Little Pinwheel stocks, the Mini Maxi dress. There has been huge hype about the Mini Maxi and it helps that the images taken by the paparazzi are beautiful. This makes the media go wild for the photos and before you know it they are in every magazine and on every television station. I have almost sold out of the dress and I thought I would show you the dress along with other styles used with the same fabric. Polka is hot, most of you know I love it and now the world is loving it!

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