Sunday, October 25, 2009

going on a jet plane

I am a bit of an impulse person, quite like the excitement of doing something last minute and the stress that comes along with organising something with little time. Always more interesting when the whole impulse involves two little people on my own, on a plane and off to Melbourne.

Life is so busy and I know since starting Little Pinwheel it has made a huge turn in my life, I have learnt a whole new way of being a mum to my children at the same time as balancing my new business, our home, husband and my friends. I obviously have responsibilities when it comes to Little Pinwheel and that in turn takes away from some precious time with my children. In order to make this a small change for not only my daughter in particular, but for me too, I had to make time for Keely in different and exciting ways at the same time as living my Little Pinwheel life.

keely living the little pinwheel life, this is the part she LOVES!

Being a mum is a beautiful and wonderful time in your life, for me it brings me so much joy that I could have a whole army of little people to share my love with. For a mum that is working it brings a whole new perspective on how you look at motherhood and what it means to you. For me this has been a huge deal, especially as the business grows and gets busier. I have made a few changes and made some new routines to make sure that my children do not miss out on having their mum.

We love craft, I am a huge fan of the creative side of a child's brain. They have amazing imaginations and I feel putting a pencil, texta, chalk or paint in their hands and letting them draw, paint, stick and create is a beautiful thing. This is where I find my balance with Little Pinwheel and being a mum. Keely loves craft and as we have a concrete floor in the kitchen, this is where we do all our craft. My computer and work space is in the kitchen, strange I am sure, but I have a little area that is all mine. We do anything from drawing all over the floor with chalk to doing painting (on paper of course) to making and creating exciting christmas decorations and anything we can think of. This is a time where I can get a bit of work done and Keely still gets to have her mum right here with her. She also helps with packing orders, and this is also her time to ride around on her bike and have some outdoor activities.

There is only so much time you can spend at a park or beach with your children, only so much television I like them to watch and only so much time you can give them when you are a work at home mum. So for me I had to give my daughter some mummy time... only mummy time, no mummy-little pinwheel, just me, no home life distractions, just Hayley the mum.

Today I booked a flight to Melbourne, very last minute, for myself and my two children. (My husband will look after Little Pinwheel)! I felt like I needed to have some time with them and for me to have a mini-break. I almost did not do it as I had heard a lot of negative comments, about how hard it would be (this was the comment I heard the most), that I should just drive north and spend sometime on the north coast and rent a house for a few days....until I spoke to a dear friend who told me that if any mother can do it on their own with two young children it is you. That was enough to make me go home and book 3 tickets to Melbourne. (thanks matt) x

Now the adventure begins... one crazy mum and her two children will go to melbourne, and have the time of their lives!

keely's painting of a plane and the clouds, perfect!


  1. Wow good on you! When are you coming to Melbourne? Maybe if you have some time we can catch up if you have any spare time. I think Airlie and Keely would have a blast playing together and I think we would too!
    Take care and have lots of fun!!
    Fee @ Moment by Moment

  2. I agree, good on you! Have a fantastic time! Hope you get nice weather when you are here, it's been lovely lately!



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