Friday, October 9, 2009

the birthday boy

There is nothing better than a first birthday, what a beautiful milestone and lovely day to celebrate! For a mum it is a lot about her, as the emotions and memories of what a year ago on that day meant as you welcomed your baby into the world.

Our day was spent working around Taj. We did have grand plans to go up to Palm Beach and have some lunch, but Taj decided he was too excited and only had an hour sleep in the morning, and dad was not home from his morning jobs. So instead we went down to one of our local cafes on the beach and had an early lunch.

The morning was the best... nothing like having your birthday boy in his jammies opening up lovely presents. We bought him a divine wooden bike by Sirch, a German made bike made from plywood. I am a huge fan of wooden toys and love the fact they get passed on to the next generation. I ordered it from Top3 by design and they couriered it to me so he would have it in time for his birthday. They have really divine gifts and their customer service is lovely!

He also received the coolest bag from Meeabee. It is so cute, with lions and giraffes all over it and the fabric was found especially for Taj, thanks Jacqui! It is what we call, his "man bag." Then to our surprise, a man knocked on the door with the biggest bunch of balloons from Taj's grandma!

I love reading to my children too, so we also bought him a book, Waddle Giggle Gargle by Pamela Allen (love her books). Taj also received some cool clothes from Itch, right in time for his birthday party on Sunday. That in itself is a whole new story as I am going to attempt to make a monster cake!


  1. the first birthdays are really the most special...They are sweet and at the sametime so sad! How do they grow up so fast?

  2. Thanks for the shout-out. His bag looks GREAT on him. I love his bike that he got, so lucky to have parents in the biz, scouting out the coolest stuff.

  3. aaaah happy birthday to the beautiful little Taj.
    He looks so happy.

  4. Glad your boy had a great day! Happy Birthday Taj. Lucky the weather held off for your outdoor party. I had a little garden party all planned for my little girl who just turned one, and we were rained out so the party moved to the back deck....

    Here's to a fabulous second year. xo



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