Friday, October 16, 2009

first steps

Today was a fantastic day, a day all parents love... the first steps! This morning I could not believe when Taj was standing up in front of me and he took one step and then fell into me. I first thought that it was my imagination, until I put him back to see if he would do it again, and he took 3 steps towards me and fell into my arms. (It makes me emotional writing about it)!

When babies have their first birthday, they really do start the next change in their developments, from a baby to a toddler and it honestly gets better everyday. The climbing has already started and it is not uncommon for us to find Taj perched on top of Simon's camera bag!

When I blogged about the beginning of Taj's life, from pregnancy to his birth and then his birthday and party I did not know where I would go next in the story. I guess when you have children they create a new chapter to your book everyday, and even in small pieces of a day they can create new stories to tell.


  1. There will be no stopping Taj now. Next he will be running and jumping into your arms. Enjoy every moment.

  2. funny how those moments, even in someone else's child make you tear up...

    I am lucky enough to have all my children's first steps recorded & they (& I) love watching them. over & over again.

  3. Well done Taj
    Rocco is only taking a few steps now!
    So these two are twins!!!
    Jen x

  4. Look at him go - no stopping him now. He looks adorable x

  5. He is just gorgeous....congratulations on your first steps Taj x

  6. That is so exciting!!! Wow, now Taj is going to be running any day now! :)



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