Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 years!

This is a day I wish I could do over again and again! This week marks our 2nd wedding anniversary. Our wedding was so special, we got married up at Palm Beach on the beach and had our reception at Barrenjoey House. Our daughter, Keely, was involved and this made our day even better. To have your child at your wedding and on your honeymoon is something that we always wanted. Some people may think we are crazy, but our marriage is not only about us, it is about our children too, so why not involve them!


  1. Happy 2nd Wedding anniversary!! I know what you mean about your wedding being speical when you have your child there with you. My husband and I married 6 years to the day after we met and our son was 3 years old. We did not take him on our honeymoon though but do intend to return to Airlie Beach with him and his sister Airlie Fae one day soon.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Have you found the years since getting married just seem to be going really fast? I feel like our wedding has just happened but we will celebrate 12 years together and 6 years married this year!!
    Wishing you many more years together xx

  3. Congrats!! You were such a lovely bride! :)



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